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Arthur Kirkland
Game Posts
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Permissions for Arthur:
Can he effect them as their nation (if they are English)?
Can he use magic on them?
Can he tell if they have magic (if applicable)?

Permissions for others:
Can they use magic on him?

Probably! But ask in most cases (or give it a chance not to work).
Can they kiss him?
Yep! Can't promise how he'll react.
Can they hug him?
Also yes!
Can they injure him?
This will depend on the severity of the injury. Small ones, probably. He heals quickly. Larger ones, make sure you ask me. But I'm usually up for making him suffer.
Can they have sex with him?
Can't give a general yes/no blanket answer. I'm always up for smut (or fade to black if they're in that kind of relationship but we're not in the mood to write it), but it will really depend on who with, when, why, etc.
Can they kill him?
Not very likely, but go ahead and ask.
Anything else questionable?
Just ask me. I'm usually online so I should be quick to answer.
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Name/Handle: Coffee
Contact: [plurk.com profile] coffeeforink
Reference: Duck
Other characters: None

Character name: Arthur Kirkland
Character journal: [personal profile] english_dignity
Series name: Hetalia
Canon notes: Since the Hetalia timeline is somewhat… loose, I’ll just be taking him from a modern time point, mid 2015 (in order to avoid current and sensitive politics).

Species: Nation, human embodiment of a country.
History:(History is condensed to focus specifically on canon points involving Arthur.)
England's year of 'birth' is unlisted and since history is a little fuzzy on that detail too, I date him as coming into his own as a country around 400 AD (though he may have been around earlier), when Rome withdrew from Britannia Province. The first canon we have for him in the comics is the 11th century, when he's under France's torment care, the then teenage nation often coming around to tease him for his straw-like hair and dull clothing, especially as French fashion was blooming and becoming quite popular in the English courts. When England tries to grow his hair out to be more fashionable, he has to run from the bishop who hated long hair on men and would cut it off parishioners, but England's bad luck resulted in it looking tangled, wild, and as France put it, a golden caterpillar. France offers to cut it for England, first styling it like his own, which of course England refuses, then like a relative of his, to the same result. In the end, England takes a nap while France is working on his hair and when he wakes up it's the exact same as it was before.

In the Hundred Year War, he got his revenge by taking over France's top half until it basically became too expensive to continue fighting the French not long after Joan of Arc's burning. Of course, shortly after they enter the War of the Roses.

In 1588, England defeats the Spanish Armada, having become a pirate even though his leaders were telling the Spanish that they hated pirates too, even though Spain saw them giving medals to some pirates.

In both the War of Austrian Succession and the Seven Year Wars, he sides with Austria and then Prussia purely because France had sided with their opponent. In the former case, he declared himself neutral once he'd gotten to fight France and stepped out to focus his attentions on fighting France for America.

Around the same time, France and England had started to colonize the new world (N. America) along with some other countries. They hear from Finland that he's seen a little boy wandering around a day's distance from the nearest village. When he mentions that the little boy walked up to him, they put it together that he's a personification like them and both declare that he will be their little brother, starting another fight between them. England goes out to see little America and declares that America will be his little brother from then on, which America agrees to, saying he should call England big brother. Recalling how badly his older brothers had treated him, he tells America to just call him England.

Before long, France makes his bid, trying to tempt America to be his by offering delicious food, which England just can't compete with. When he gets depressed about it, America walks up to him instead to cheer him up, essentially dumping France. As America's guardian, England realizes he'll have to protect and provide for America, even though war has left him poor, and he does his best to educate him and keep America well-dressed even though he can't be there very often with his duties to his own country overseas. America seems to just sprout up into a man while England is gone.

England's world basically comes crashing down when America declares that he's going to be independent, declaring war against England. They face each other in battle, England declaring that America isn't strong enough to stand on his own and that he won't allow him to become independent. America declares that he's no longer England's little brother, but England still can't bring himself to shoot his former colony, even though he has the chance.

There isn't a lot between then and the second world war, brief comics showing the Napoleonic war in which French soldiers fall into an English pit trap, the alliance formed between Prussia, Russia, Austria, and England in 1815, helping Greece free himself from Turkey, the first Olympic games in which France tries to strip him naked in the spirit of the old Olympics, and then his alliance and friendship with Japan. The two bond because they're both loners and recognize commonalities between themselves as island nations. Japan even goes against his boss' wishes for the friendship, his boss wanting to form an alliance with Russia.

The first world war is written mostly following Germany and Italy.

In WWII, England joins up with France, Russia, China and England to fight against the Axis powers. When they capture Italy, he tries to give him some food, only to ship Italy back in a box after England's food makes the food snob cry. When England himself goes to spy in Italy, he gets some tips from one of his own spies there (who was rather obvious about what he was) for how to blend in. So, he gets himself a make-over to be pretty enough, but is quickly caught by Germany because he doesn't respond to pretty girls like an Italian. After escaping, he tries again and once more is caught, this time for ordering ale at a cafe.

On the African front, England was joined by a woefully unprepared America in full uniform, which of course was far too hot until it was adapted to include shorts. America got beat up by Germany a good bit on that front, to be lectured by England on rushing in without preparing.

Sometime after the war, France tries to get England to marry him because his country was in economic trouble, going as far as trying to force England to sign the marriage license, but England turns him down and scribbles all over the attempted signature.

With general peace on the Western European/American front, the G8 continue to hold meetings and squabble between themselves. Sealand, a sea fort built by England, tries to get recognized as an independent country but no one pays him much attention. England catches him trying to sneak into a meeting disguised as Canada. Hong Kong is returned to China's control, China accusing England of turning him into a delinquent like him. England continues to speak to ghosts and fairies.

Personality: For the most part, England seems to do his best to personify the very British concept of keeping up appearances. The face he most often shows to others is that of a cynical, cold, and somewhat bitter man who can't quite let go of his nostalgia for the past. He still tries to correct America's behavior to make him into a gentleman, calls France out for being indecent, enjoys tea and embroidery. Of course, those who know him best would argue the description of gentleman, because he also will curse like a sailor, regularly fights with France (verbally and physically), gets royally drunk, dresses like a punk when he goes out for fun, and is easily depressed when left alone (or called friendless by France).

England is someone who very much has trouble letting go of the past, from his childhood rivalry with France to his glory days as a pirate and empire, the pain of the American Revolution, and the British music boom in the sixties. Though oddly enough he has apparently forgiven Germany and the other Axis members for WWII, as he shows respect to Germany rekindles his friendship with Japan. (His relationship with Italy never really changes.) Because of America's rejection of him as a brother when he became independent, mention of independence makes him physically ill even in modern times despite his efforts to be the gentleman and accept it, even gifting the Liberty Bell and then a second one for America's two hundredth birthday party (along with a unicorn that America could only see as a floating leash and collar). When England is drunk, he often curses America for leaving him, showing that he's still rather heartbroken about it even two centuries later.

He also has a bad case of being both proud and envious of others, starting when he's still pretty young and France constantly shows off his fashions and makes fun of England for dressing blandly and having short, coarse hair when the French fashion (popular in England among the nobles) was to have flamboyant clothes and long, silky hair. He even tried to grow his out, to unfortunate results. Of course, when France offered to fix it for him, first trying out his own hair style and then that of one of his relatives, the cut ended up being exactly what England had had before. He's very determined not to copy anyone else while trying to become 'cool' and stylish himself. Unfortunately it rarely turns out in his favor.

It might be a combination of those things that's responsible for his rather harsh temper, which of course is most often directed at France and America as the constant sources of aggravation in his life. His list of triggers ranged from America using American English, which he sees as a bastardization of the British English he gave him, to France's existence and Sealand's attempts to sneak into meetings of the G8 nations as Canada. Little things like being called old, lame, or unfashionable serve to make him twitch too, but nothing like having his cooking insulted. Which, considering it's even made Italy cry in the past, is understandable.

But even with that temper, he's secretly something of a romantic. Perhaps partly sourced from his constant nostalgia, he likes the gentler things in life. England does needlepoint, gardening, handcrafts, and enjoys reading. And while he rails against those who have wronged him, he still manages to forgive them (case and point, America) and tries to make amends. For example, as mentioned before, he gives America a new version of the Liberty Bell (the first being an earlier gift from him) for his two hundredth birthday even though the very subject of independence makes him physically ill.

But for all of the traits that can make him look somewhat villainous, he's good-hearted and wants people to like him even though he pretends to be happy to do things all by himself. As an island nation with a somewhat bad relationship with his brothers, he's always been isolated and that leaves him very lonely. It doesn't help that France has a habit of mocking him as friendless when he comes over to visit Europe. And as a former empire, with underlings all over the world who have since left his power, he feels that isolation especially strongly.

Abilities: As many nations seem to be, Arthur is a skilled tactician as well as being an accomplished archer and sword fighter. He's had more than a thousand years of experience in warfare, though he's not always the best in tank design. He's also been a sailor and pirate at sea, proud of his world class navy (despite the fact that he himself cannot swim). He sews and does needlepoint as hobbies.

England is one of the few nations recognized as being able to perform magic spells and see mythological creatures, even those who aren't their own. He's not always particularly good at some of these spells, as seen by when he tries to summon the devil and gets Russia instead (though that might have been because Russia was the more evil one), but other times he's quite successful such as when he turns Korea into a child. For some of his casting, he uses a secondary form which he's titled as Britannia Angel that has wings and a halo.

We don't actually see England's magic a whole lot, but what we do see is widely varied, suggesting that he's capable of a lot of different things. He does seem to specialize in curses though. One style of magic he uses involves incantations and magical circles (with or without assistants), seen when he was trying to cast a curse against Germany in WWII (interrupted by America) and then later when he was trying to summon a beast from hell to attack America and instead managed to summon... Russia. Though against Russia, his curses aren't even noticed.

In high contrast, he makes an appearance in a side comic where Korea is annoying the other Asian countries claiming to be an angel who grants miracles (though he's recognized as England right away). And indeed he does show up with wings, a halo, and a magic wand. The 'miracle' he grants is turning Korea into a child so he's less annoying when he's loud. The spells works, but not a lot of explanation is given about why he comes as an 'angel.' The wand itself makes another appearance in one of the April Fool's strips (here), as well as referencing the ability to make people into children again. Though America still calls the wand a toy when he sees it. Recently, there's been a third reference to his ability to turn people into children (here) as well as a mention that a lot of magic tires him out these days.

Also, the official, printed in the manga, profiles say he dabbles in the occult in general, leading me to conclude that England's magic can be used for a vast number of things, when it works. Which is not always. We see him associate with ghosts and fairies, which he considers his closest friends due to his isolated state. So it's my theory that he likely learned a lot of his magic in the first place from the fairies, which explains its darker inclinations since Celtic fairies often are not exactly nice.

As a country, he knows his own citizens (which I would have a permissions post for) and often they seem to know him without always needing convincing. This seems to be a mixed bag.

And while I wouldn't really call it an ability, England seems to be able to make toxic bio weapons any time he bakes, no matter how hard he tries. His scones are capable of being used as hockey pucks.
Augment Skillset: Engineer
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Continuing Midnight Syndicate threads here, or starting new ones in the world/timeline of!

Open to current and former members of the game only please. General prompts may follow.
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Pseudonym: Alice X

Books come out twice a month. See below for titles and summaries.
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Post for threads in the setting of or continuing from Midnight Syndicate. I'll likely add some themed prompts here later.
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Permissions for Arthur:
Can he effect them as their nation (if they are English)?
Can he use magic on them?
Can he tell if they have magic (if applicable)?

Permissions for others:
Can they use magic on him?

Probably! But ask in most cases (or give it a chance not to work).
Can they kiss him?
Yep! Can't promise how he'll react.
Can they hug him?
Also yes!
Can they injure him?
This will depend on the severity of the injury. Small ones, probably. He heals quickly. Larger ones, make sure you ask me. But I'm usually up for making him suffer.
Can they have sex with him?
This is a smut game isn't it? So probably! See the kinks/preferences list below for more detail.
Can they kill him?
No, not since death is permanent in this game.
Anything else questionable?
Just ask me. I'm usually online so I should be quick to answer.

Kinks/Preferences )
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NAME: Coffee
ARE YOU 18 OR OLDER?: Yes, I'm 26.
CONTACT: Plurk: Coffeeforink

NAME: Arthur Kirkland/England
CANON: Hetalia
CANON POINT: Modern, sometime after the Halloween party
CHARACTER AGE: Unstated but I headcanon around 1600, appears mid-twenties
HISTORY: History of England (Country) No, I'm not kidding.
Character wiki

Condensed to focus on England's history as shown in the manga. For the more detailed history, see the first link. )
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[Name]: Coffee
[Age]: 25
♦ DW: Coffeetailor
♦ AIM: Coffeetailor
♦ Plurk: Coffeeforink
[Timezone]: -8GMT
[Other Characters]: None

[Name]: England, Arthur Kirkland (human)
[Canon]: Hetalia
[Age]: Somewhere around 1600, appears early twenties
[Gender]: Male
[Canon Point]: Modern day (2013).
Read more... )
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My headcanon for Arthur:

He has two tattoos. An electric guitar on his inner left wrist (60s), and an anchor on his right shoulder (pirating era).
It's the fairies and druids who taught him magic.
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General Preferences
POV: Third
RP Style: Prose is my favorite, but action tags are fine.
RP location: I'm happy to play in AIM, google drive, memes, or musebox (mine or yours). I don't like to play in emails though.
Medium: All, doesn't have to be anime.
Setting: Open, canon is great (basically real world), but I love to toss my characters to other worlds, whether by AU or they know they're in the wrong world.
Smut?: I love it! That doesn't mean all games have to be smut of course, and if your character looks/acts like a child, it's just not going to happen.
Fluff?: In moderation and it depends on the character.

Sexual Preferences

Height difference
Assumed CR
rp within rp
Bathroom stuff
foot play

*Involving full animals. Shapeshifters who remain mentally human are a Yes (see, werewolf).
**Female versions of the FACE characters are always on the Yes list.
For a more complete list: Here!
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Arthur is from a series where countries, micro-nations, and a few other forces all have a human(ish) personifications who work in parallel to their governments and people. Arthur, of course, is England, though at meetings with the other nations he represents the whole on the United Kingdom even though Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland have their own personifications (his older brothers). As such, he fights with France, mopes over the loss of America (ungrateful brat) when he's drunk, and generally misses ruling most of the world. And being a pirate.

Nations are close to being immortal, in that mortal wounds will heal, though those done to their land and people will appear on them. When one country attacks another, it's reflected on their Nations fighting sometimes.

England in specific is one of the few nations who still believes in and can see magic. His brothers and Norway being the others. Because of this, he's often teased for having 'imaginary friends' and talking to them in public.
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OOC Permissions:

Backtagging?: Since I primarily play in museboxes or in memes, yes! If it's for a bigger game, I'm still pretty fine with this as long as it doesn't get too extremely behind. I might as for a summary to make moving along in the plot easier.
Threadhopping/threadjacking?: Unless it's Dear_Mun, I'd rather not have this unless you've asked first.
Fourth Walling: This depends. Since I'm playing the personification of a country, it's reasonable for characters to know British history. So for that, sure. They can know England went to war against X in YYYY, but not what Arthur was precisely doing at the time or things he said unless they were there with him at the time. So no info modding either past what I mentioned.
Canon Puncture: Nope
Certain topics that may be offensive: I'll likely be alright with this, but use good judgement and expect Arthur to react according to his character.
Contacting the mun: Yes! I love meeting people I play with!
Multiple threads at the same time: Yes, yes you may. I might take longer to get to a new one, but I'll get to it eventually.
Continue in the same time-line through multiple threads: Most of the time, this is great. So long as it's appropriate to the theme of the memes.

IC permissions:

Can I hug this character?: Yes, though he'll either get very flustered, pull himself away, or punch you.
Can I kiss this character?: See above. If you aren't in a relationship with him and aren't a lady (he's a gentleman), punching is more likely.
Can I hit on this character?: Have fun!
Can I have sex with this character?: He'll likely need some nudging, but I'm game.
Can I tell this character (s)he's from... : No. No canon puncture.
Fighting with this character?: It's likely to happen, so why not. Though I don't often write fight scenes.
Hurting this character: To an extent, yes. I generally don't like extreme injury in my rp, but some is fine.
Using any kind of super power on this character?: Ask first, but it'll probably be fine with me.
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To the Wall with [personal profile] voulezvouscoucheravecmoi France | Hetalia
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Not with England because I'm too lazy to swap accounts right now
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